The Art of Art

Mail Coach Chase004

A picture speaks 1000 words, or so we’re told. But what does that really mean? I never really understood it until I tried to commission some artwork for ‘The Post Chaise Chronicles’.

It’s a devil’s own job trying to explain what you want drawn in words. How do you explain moods and colours, emotions and feelings? You can say, ‘it’s dark’ but in your minds eye you’ll see ‘dark’ very differently to someone else.

So, pushing the pen around that’s in someone else’s hand by instruction alone can be a very frustrating exercise, especially if the image isn’t perfectly clear in your own head.

You need to work with someone with a lot of patience and have plenty of those yourself.

When you get it right, and you start to see the detail and the other elements that you hadn’t thought of come to life on the page, you realise that you never could have explained it all, not like that.

What you realise is that the picture description in your head was indeed probably about 1000 words long but the finished product is always more than that, so much more.

What I’ve learnt is that you have provide an outline, nothing more, and let the artist add their 1000 words.. Try not to be too emotionally attached to how it ends up, as long as it’s got your 1000 words captured. There’s plenty more space in a work of art for the artists words too and, you know what? It’s those extra words that bring it to life. Embrace them, trust them.

So, does a work of art speak volumes? You betcha! but it’s made all the more deeper for allowing it to be a conversation, rather than a sermon.

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