Chaise to the Death

Chaise to the Death
Series: The Post Chaise Chronicles, Book 1
Length: Novel

'The Post Chaise Chronicles' is set in England during the late 18th-century and the world is going through one of its biggest changes in history. The monarchy, politics, industry, the face of Europe, and more, they are all on the wheel of evolution. For Henry 'Harry' Kiser, a humble Post Chaise driver, and his family, all of that is about to knock at his door and threaten to bring his house down. When a job goes wrong for him, there’s more at stake than missing a deadline.
Harry is more complex than your average Post Chaise driver and his sanity is balancing on the edge of the abyss. He’s losing his grip but, when he takes this dangerous commission, will he lose his family, his friends and his neck along with it?
He’s risking it all even, though he knows that he might lose everything if he does, but he'll almost certainly hung if he doesn’t.

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About the Book

Rich in character, scenery and plot, book 1 of the Post Chaise Chronicles, set’s the bar high. There are twists and turns galore, and that’s not just on the road!

The Kiser family run the inn and the independent postal service in Bath. The Royal Mail is their biggest competitor but, now, the Government and half of Europe looks to be threatening for a fight. Harry doesn’t have a lot on his side other than some old Army chums and a trusty hound.

Follow his journey on a trail of death and disaster, but you’d better stick close; even Harry doesn’t know where he’s headed.

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