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Like all great masterpieces the artist is never pleased with the result, so they will tinker and tamper until someone says: “Put your weapons of creative destruction down and move away from the keyboard!”

And so, Brad Mela is still a work in progress, he's being tinkered with.

He started to take shape sometime during the whenever in E17: that’s not a secret code for anyone outside of London, so feel free to look it up.

His constituent parts have been stirring in the pot for a long while - picture a witches cauldron and you wouldn’t be far wrong. They’ve bubbled, troubled and there are burnt bits at the bottom, but the end product is now ready for serving. Be sure to take a pinch of salt with every mouthful.

Brad’s offerings are generally of the Historical Fiction flavour with a hint of Adventure, and where would we be without a little dash of Romance?

There are a number of projects on the workbench but momentum is currently behind  ‘The Post Chaise Chronicles’. A series of novels set in 18th century England amidst the turmoil of an age of great change.

Book 1, ‘Chaise to the Death’, is available July 2016 and promises to be a fantastic debut offering.

To keep up to date with news and releases please use the contact form and let Brad know you’re a fan. If you’re not a fan then you wouldn’t have got this far anyway.




Hmmm, who let that manic loose on my website?

To try and get it back to some sense of normality it’s probably best that I take it from here.

In the old days you could classify me as a ‘Jake’ of all trades. Yes, I’ve spelt that right - read the books of Chaise Chronicles if you want explanation. I’ve dabbled here, there and everywhere trying something new, always on the search for more knowledge or for different things to try my hand at.

Some of what I am: an advanced scuba diver, accomplished skier, an avid photographer and have musical instruments coming out of my ears; saxophone, clarinet, guitar, violin, harmonica, access to a keyboard and the proverbial partridge – although that’s a bit squeaky when you blow it. I’m an animal lover but try to resist any incitement to acquire pets, at some point they’re going to break your heart. This resistance is going really well as we’ve only got 2 dogs in the house at the moment.

I like history, science, the stars, the earth, all types of music; I’ll shut up now, I’m sure you get the picture. I’ve drawn things and I’ve stuck things together. I like to cook, sorry, bake; there is a difference. I’ll really shut up now.

In short, I’ve done stuff, a lot of stuff. But I can still recall when I was looking out of the classroom window many years ago. That particularly vivid picture is still strong in my mind: there was a thundercloud looming, the sun was still shining through, and the room was high enough to look out over the town. I was in one massive daydream.

Afterwards I was thinking, ‘I don’t really want a normal job.’ Having the time and space to continue to look out of the window and creating new ideas was my idea of working. Don’t get me wrong, the ‘proper job’ paid for me to do my ‘stuff’, and I don’t regret a moment of the course I’ve taken. In my normal career I’ve visited some very interesting buildings and places. I’ve been very successful at what I do, which was to implement some very high profile and secure computer systems in some very secret places, I’m bound so I can’t divulge more. I’ve won several awards for just doing ‘my proper job’.

However, the most rewarding employment I ever had was when I was a doughnut maker at the ripe old ‘know it all’ age of 17. I worked tirelessly from 7am to 1pm and, apart from doughnuts, where I made the dough, fried, jammed and sugared them myself and ate 10 every day before 8am, I made custard tarts, helped with the bread, some artisan caramel slices and, occasionally, helped one of the bosses with their prized scones. What a life that was! Creating something from a few basic ingredients that people still remember today (just like writing).

The fun and fulfilment, the creativity! I loved it.

As the wit at the top explained, the ingredients that make you who you are get added gradually over the years, and my years have added some very tasty components.

I’ve always been a writer, ever since I went to school and learnt how to do it. Plus, I’m an avid reader, always have been. My dad used to do crosswords, but doesn’t trouble too much nowadays. He never really had much of an education, as he was working when he was 9, but he knew some really long words, and he still might do if you can wait for him to recall them. I wanted to know what those long words meant. I read and read and then read some more. I wrote and wrote and then I stopped.

Time goes on and other priorities need attention. But now, the pen, and the keyboard, is back in action. The more I write the more I know I was supposed to do it. I’m not saying I’m good at it, I’ll let you’ll be the judge of that. I’m saying I do it with a smile. I do it because I can and I do it looking out of the window. It’s a proper job all right.

Why Historical Fiction? I’ve read historical texts, both fiction and non-fiction, studied History with Classical Studies and have a depth of knowledge on many historical topics from all eras. Who we are today is the product of who has gone before.

I would like to hear from you on whether you’d be asking for more or looking for the pain relief pills. My contacts details can be found elsewhere on this site, and social media links are available too.

However, before I go, I must apologise. I lied. I didn’t bring any normality into any of this at all, did I?

Off to work now, you’ll want the dessert menu soon! Ooh look, I can see that the sun’s coming out, I must be looking out of the window again.