Website Released!

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Working with people that are not only experts in web design and publication but also understand what authors are trying to achieve with their online presence is priceless. Seeing how we come to that so quickly, let me explain that, it can far cheaper than you’d imagine (hope they’re not reading this) for all you ever wanted in an author website.

And so, is now open for business! Brad is proud to announce the release of  It’s designed, hosted and supported by Novel Websites, a web design company specifically for authors.

The experience for the whole build process has been completely painless. The tuition at handover was straightforward. The ongoing support is readily on hand. What more do you want exactly? Oh, OK, well; he tools and templates are more than you need to get your website up and running and they are intuitive enough even for web laymen/women. Don’t forget, the support is right on your shoulder should you need it.


Massive thank you to Phil Burrows of Novel Websites who’s been nothing short of a website superman. Thank heavens for his patience with me!

I’d like to hear from you if you’ve got suggestions for improvements or if you like the site. You can contact me at

The only problem I have now is, I might write more on the website than I do for publication.